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"Mathematics Mastery has already transformed maths at Aldermoor Farm. For the first time in our history we have a good percentage of children in year two getting to greater depth."

Harriet Deeley, Deputy Headteacher
Aldermoor Farm Primary School

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"I would definitely recommend Mathematics Mastery – it’s tailored to fit your needs and the journey it takes you on as a school almost guarantees you the results you want."

Martyn Beeston, Deputy headteacher
Paddox Primary School

"Once we adopted the Mathematics Mastery programme, we noticed good progress being made across all year groups."

Katrina White, Maths lead
Exning Primary

"We’ve applied the approach faithfully – and we’re ranked number one for maths at Key Stage 1."

Damian McBeath, Head Teacher
Ark Conway Primary Academy

“The programme has been brilliant for teacher confidence because of the training and resources available.”

Jodie Wallace, Mathematics Lead
Thornaby Church of England Primary School

“We’ve seen a real impact using Mathematics Mastery, especially with the development of mathematical vocabulary across the school.”

Jasmine Fowler, Teacher
Binley Woods Primary School

“For us, using Maths Mastery is about bringing structure for schools that need it and having the confidence that we’re using a proven curriculum. For schools with the most challenges, a standardised curriculum can help them turn their schools around.”

Jenni Richards, Primary Education Director
The Kemnal Academies Trust

“Since joining Mathematics Mastery we’ve seen a significant change in the children’s understanding and enjoyment of maths and strengthened subject knowledge and confidence among staff.”

Claire Pettman, Assistant Headteacher
St Stephen’s Catholic Primary School