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Working hand in hand with schools to deliver immediate impact and sustained subject excellence

Imagine all of your pupils in every classroom, from Reception to Year 6, accessing and enjoying an ambitious maths curriculum. The best evidence-based subject pedagogy visible in all your classrooms. Learning carefully sequenced and chunked, and teaching adapted based on precise data on prior learning. Teachers confident in their subject knowledge and new teachers able to slot in instantly.

Welcome to AC+, subject improvement experts who will partner with you to make this a reality.

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A framework for success

We know that to achieve powerful teaching that changes lives, teachers need to have strong subject knowledge, the best evidence-based subject pedagogies, rigorous assessment and effective planning, all working together.

That’s why we developed the AC+ 5-Step Improvement Process, based on over a decade’s experience of transforming subject results in one of the most respected MATs. A dedicated subject expert will guide you through every step so that you can be confident in success. This is backed by all the integrated teaching, planning and assessment resources to make real change achievable.

We will work directly with your teachers and work with your leadership to create an improvement plan bespoke to your school. Our team of highly skilled educational consultants will help introduce, embed and sustain evidence-based teaching strategies that are independently shown to lead to stronger student outcomes, more confident teachers and a consistency of teaching and learning across all year groups.

Here’s how it works…

AC+ 5-Step Improvement Process

Delivering immediate improvements and sustained academic growth




Following a detailed review, a structured diagnostic call with our subject expert helps your maths lead to quickly identify areas of focus that will lead to the greatest impact, and to build an improvement plan to achieve these goals consistently with all teachers.​



Inspiring face-to-face induction training for your maths lead and key teachers – and cutting-edge online training on-demand for all – gets everyone engaged and immediately improves teacher confidence.



Access to a full suite of curriculum-integrated subject-specific CPD, planning, teaching and assessment resources supports consistency from day one and frees up teacher time. Designed so that, where necessary, they can be picked up and used straightaway by any teacher, our resources will strengthen the quality of teaching and provide consistency across your school. Precise diagnostic data and planning guidance supports teachers to repurpose this time into higher value activities.

YEARS 1 - 3:



Once you have the foundations in place, we build on the immediate impact with an exciting journey together to achieve sustainably great subject teaching in your school.

Your maths lead is at the heart, providing crucial in-school leadership and teacher coaching to support this change. Our subject expert therefore provides complete support to your maths lead, with regular one-to-one coaching, school visits with joint learning walks, an intensive programme leadership course and insights into wider practice through our conference.

All teachers are supported with an intensive programme of subject pedagogy, bringing them into an expert community. Teachers also enjoy an individualised journey of subject knowledge development, with bite-sized on-demand videos available just-in-time to support their planning. Your team learn from peers through regular networking opportunities.





Once the programmes are embedded in your classroom, we continue to work with you to ensure the impact is sustained over time.

Induction and CPD for new joiners help ensure your staff stay fully supported.

Regular updates to teaching resources and CPD keep your subject provision fresh, evidence-informed and up to date.

New and unseen benchmarked assessments give you continued confidence that you are on track, and help you identify when you need to refresh subject teaching.

You continue to belong to a network of like-minded schools and stay up to date with new research and evidence.

Together, we will annually review the support needed for the following year to check that the programmes continue to add value in your context and that your children continue to progress and achieve.

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Mathematics Mastery Primary includes

CPD that builds subject leadership and subject teaching expertise:

  • Sustained, collaborative professional development that’s integrated across the programme.
  • Embedded in curriculum, assessment and programme implementation, making it relevant and immediately actionable.
  • Covering subject knowledge, pedagogic delivery, curriculum design, formative assessment and more.
  • Tailored to your school, for your teachers and leaders.

Ready-to-use teaching and planning resources:

  • A complete curriculum that’s easily adaptable for your class.
  • Integrated assessments to check pupil understanding and monitor progress.
  • Created by subject experts and practitioners, based on research and real classroom experience.


  • Formative assessments to support data-led instruction throughout every lesson and unit.
  • Summative assessment delivered through our partner Smartgrade.
  • Cumulative, curriculum aligned assessments with data analysis to show strengths and weaknesses at student, class and school level.
  • Standardised scores to allow you to compare your students' performance across the whole cohort of programme users, including Ark Schools.

    Opportunities to collaborate:

  • Our partner schools belong to a subject teaching network that allows them to share best practice and learn from each other.
  • An annual conference to facilitate sharing and learning between schools as well as providing access to new research and thinking.